Custom Glass Shower Enclosures in Raleigh, NC

The bathroom is a major selling feature in almost any home. Even if you’re not selling your house anytime soon, we can help you transition an everyday, boring bathroom experience into something you look forward to with customized shower enclosures.

Whether you’re looking for elegance and luxury or you’re more interested in a modern feel – Glass Solutions is happy to work with you to design and install the shower enclosure you want in your Raleigh, NC home.

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Types of Shower Enclosures We Install For Your Home

  • Frameless Shower Enclosure
  • Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure
  • Framed Shower Enclosure

Each shower enclosure is available with your choice of mounting hardware. The mounting hardware will vary according to the weight of the glass you select. Below is an explanation of each shower enclosure style we offer.

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Popular with designers and architects, frameless shower enclosures achieve an open, “floating” look by combining heavy ⅜-inch to ½-inch thick glass with special low-profile hardware. Handles are installed into the glass to emphasize the minimal look.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure

Designed with 1/4-inch clear glass or 3/16-inch pattern glass, the semi-frameless shower enclosure style combines frameless and framed features. Key support points like the door hinge or adjoining glass panels may be framed, leaving door edges frameless.

Fully-Framed Shower Enclosure

Fully-framed shower enclosures are made with lighter-weight, 3/16-inch glass supported on all sides with structural framing, to which hinges and hardware are attached. The handle is generally a small, paddle-like fixture mounted on one edge of the metal frame.

Hardware Options for Shower Enclosures

Glass Solutions offers several hardware options to complement any bathroom design, including:

  • Contemporary hardware options
  • Modern hardware options
  • Traditional hardware options

Trusted Raleigh Experts in Glass Shower Enclosures

Whether you’re re-doing your bathroom to help increase the resale value of your home, or you simply want to update the look and feel, we can help!


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