Mirrored Wall Installation and Repair

Mirrors are functional tools for your residential home or commercial property. Along with functionality, they give off a modern and contemporary aesthetic that can easily liven up a conference room, dining room, or, of course, a bathroom. Glass Solutions has been offering personalized and local mirrored wall installation and repair services to residents in Raleigh and surrounding areas as well as other commercial glass installation services. Along with that, we have also been able to educate and guide our customers to make decisions best for their budgets, timeframes, and overall aesthetic of their residential home or commercial property. 

Glass Solutions is able to offer personalized quality services in an extremely timely manner, which is something that indefinitely sets us apart from our local and national competitors;  Working with a locally-owned company such as Glass Solutions allows us to carry-out in-person inspections which result in well-understood expectations, budgets, timeframes, conveniences, and styles that are popular locally. We are asked numerous questions when it comes to mirrored wall installation and repair including but not limited to: 

What is the cost of mirrored wall Installation?

The cost of mirrored wall installation depends on the size of the project, the timeframe of the project start-to-finish, and the intimate details of the home or commercial property. For example, if you’re interested in only one mirrored wall for your bedroom, that should be significantly less than if you wanted to outfit your business’ entire 100-person meeting room with mirrored walls. Nonetheless, mirrored wall installation start-to-finish costs will range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, with exceptions to large-scale commercial projects that could range up to $50,000 or more. 

How do you put a mirror on the wall?

Mirrored walls need to be properly weighed and drilled into a wall at desired specifications, depending on the type of wall your home or property has. For example, plaster and drywall is likely treated differently than masonry, so the start-to-finish timeframes and expenses may differ. If you have any additional questions regarding mirrored wall installation, feel free to let us know. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and, again, look forward to guiding and educating our customers however we’re able to. 

Can you renovate and repair my outdated mirrored wall?

Yes, we can. There are a few options we’re happily willing to offer including separating the large piece of mirrored glass into divided sections as well as adding frames around the walls. If you have any additional idea, run them by us! We are willing to take on any mirrored wall restoration project that is feasible! 

Can you fix a scratched mirror? 

In most cases, we can fix a scratched or damaged mirror depending on how bad the damage is. If your piece of mirror is damaged to the extent that it is not fixable, we offer mirror replacements for small, medium, and large-sized projects. 

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