Car Glass Repair & Replacement

Car Glass Repair

It is important to hire the right car glass repair and replacement company because the glass in your vehicle plays an important role in protecting you (and other passengers) from road debris, weather elements and more. Today, all automotive glass contains “safety glass”.

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What is Safety Glass?

Safety glass is a special type of glass that is manufactured to help reduce the chance of serious injury in the event that your vehicle’s glass breaks, gets nicked, or shatters. Believe it or not, your vehicle has several different types of glass contained within it – each serving a slightly different role.


Car Glass Repair & Replacement
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Types of Auto Glass Repair

Windshield Glass Repair

Most modern vehicle windshields are made via a lamination process. In a somewhat similar way to getting a piece of paper laminated, laminated glass is comprised of two pieces of glass + a thin layer of vinyl sandwiched between them.

Together, all three pieces of glass are laminated together in an autoclave, which is a special type of oven that applies heat and pressure to complete the lamination process. After the lamination process is complete, and the new windshield is installed on your vehicle, you are now triple protected. In the event that you are involved in an accident or an object strikes your windshield, your windshield may shatter, but it usually won’t fly apart. This is because the broken glass pieces stick to that vinyl layer.

Car Window Glass Replacement

Side and rear windows are typically made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is made by heating glass to more than 1,000 degrees fahrenheit and then rapidly cooling it. Tempered glass is significantly stronger than glass that is not tempered.

In an automobile, tempered glass is also designed to help protect passengers. In the event of an accident, tempered glass may break, but when it does, the glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces (roughly the consistency of rock salt). In this way, there are no jagged pieces of glass to injure passengers.


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