Raleigh Glass Writing Board Installation

Glass plays a crucial structural role in our lives each and every day. Glass writing walls can really enhance the overall look and feel in our homes, offices, conference rooms, and classrooms for an aesthetic standpoint, as they’re highly customizable and can be tailored to match an already-existing design of an area. Along with that, they’ve been known to improve efficiency and embrace collaboration, often referred to as an essential collaboration tool. Glass Solutions only uses the best materials for all of our projects. Our commitment to providing honesty and quality glass services is what has made us one of the leading choices for glass repair in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

Our glass writing walls have numerous benefits including but not limited to: 

  • A heated cure resulting in optimal protection when it comes to handling 
  • Diverse color matching with RAL Sherwin Williams, and Pantone paint colors 
  • Top-of-the-line low-iron glass for our substrate 
  • An ultra-durable coating that is proven not to flake or chip 
  • Quick and efficient output, great for large and high-volume projects
  • The ability to integrate artwork into the glass writing wall itself 

Raleigh Glass Writing Board Installation: Types

Clear Glass Writing Boards

Clear glass writing boards are popular among businesses and organizations in Raleigh and surrounding areas for several reasons. They’ve got the ability to blend into the setting of rooms and offices while giving off an aesthetic, contemporary feel. They also allow convenient and mess-free writing, which many of our customers have really expressed appreciation for. Clear glass writing boards are ideal additions to any room or office, whether they’re used as a writing board or for a glass divider.  

Frosted Glass Writing Boards

Frosted glass writing boards (also known as semi-transparent etched glass writing boards) are able to match any decor or style. These boards are used for both privacy dividers, glass writing boards, or both! Because of their versatility, these glass boards are a favorite of many. 

Color-backed Glass Writing Boards

Color-backed glass writing boards take customizability and creativity to the next level. Whether you’re in search of standard and common colors or are opting to take a more unique route, these boards are definitely worth looking into. Glass Solutions takes pride in transcending  expectations, and will work with the customer or a design team to ensure your new color-backed glass writing boards are fitting and complimentary to your office space, conference room, reception area, classroom, and more. 

Magnetic Glass Writing Boards

Magnetic glass writing boards are durable and their performance never downgrades over time. They’re also perfect for attaching reports, statistics, and reminders by magnets, which is why these glass boards are often referred to as the most favorable and convenient option for collaborative office spaces. How do magnetic glass writing boards work? They have a tailored piece of sheet steel placed behind the glass board surface, allowing magnetic items to stick while maintaining their glass look at the same time. Stylistic and also functional, magnetic glass writing boards are absolutely worth looking into. 

Logo Branding 

Nowadays, both corporate and locally owned businesses are going to new and greater lengths in order to ensure their employees are as comfortable as possible while in the office. That said, logo-branded glass boards can be outstanding choices for those who yearn to provide a contemporary, modern, and welcoming feel to their office space, reception area, or conference room.  

Raleigh Glass Writing Board Installation FAQs

Glass Writing Boards vs Whiteboards? 

glass writing wall installation company Glass writing boards are functional, easily integrated, and are limitless possibility-wise. Glass writing boards are considered to be much smoother than whiteboards and require more maintenance. Whiteboards need to be regularly wiped with a wet cloth and dried whereas glass writing boards do not need to be. 

Glass writing boards are also much more customizable when compared to whiteboards. Their backgrounds can be transparent or a color of your choice, whereas whiteboards are just boards with a white background; nothing more and nothing less. 

Why Choose Glass Solutions?

Locally owned and operated, Glass Solutions offers more than 100 years of total combined glass repair and replacement service to our customers, including top-notch glass writing board installation. This extends to include the degree of skill, training, and dedication to excellence that each of our glass installers and glass management staff has received. Regardless of the issue, you’re having at home, at work or in the car, we will take care of you. We make it our business to make glass repair and replacement as easy and as ‘pane-less’ as possible. 

How Do You Clean A Glass Writing Board? 

Cleaning glass writing boards in fairly straightforward. If your glass writing board has a smooth surface, rinsing it off with clear water will be fine. If, on the other hand, the glass material has a rough or matte surface, it is recommended that a spray-on type of glass cleaner is used. Every type of surface is different. If you have any questions about cleaning your glass writing board, contact Glass Solutions today at 919-772-1007. We would love to help in any way we’re able to. 

Is There A Size Limit For Glass Writing Boards? 

The largest size of glass writing boards we offer is 96 inches x 130 inches. If you’re in need of a larger side, let us know so we can determine if we have any alternatives that would be better fitting for you. 

Do you offer standoff and direct fixing wall fittings? 

Yes, we offer both standoff and direct wall fitting glass writing boards. Standoff wall fixings are spaced a few centimeters to a few inches from the wall, depending on factors that are dtermined by the customer. On the other hand, direct fixing wall fittings are installed snugly up against a wall. If you have questions regarding which type of wall fixture is best for your office space, conference room, or classroom, please let us know. 

Contact Glass Solutions For Your Raleigh Glass Writing Board Installation Needs 

Many of our clients choose to have custom glass writing boards installed for several reasons: They’re highly-customizable, extremely functional, easily-maintained, and have a contemporary look to them that tends to liven up any office space, conference room, reception area, or classroom.

Backed by 35 years of experience, Glass Solutions are your trusted experts in the selection and installation of custom glass writing boards in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Find out about our FREE ESTIMATES by giving us a call today at 919-772-1007