Foggy Window Repair in Raleigh, NC

As one of the leading experts in foggy window repair in Raleigh, NC – we get asked all the time: Why do my windows get foggy?

When we examine foggy windows, one of the first things we look at is whether you are in need of window seal repair, or if there is something else going on. We also look at whether you have insulated windows or non-insulated windows.


Insulated window units contain two pieces of glass that are attached by a spacer. Insulated windows, as you can imagine, are significantly more energy efficient than their non-insulated counterparts. When your home’s windows become foggy, it is usually because the seal that attaches the two pieces of glass is failing. This failure allows moist air to get trapped between the two panes of glass, causing your window(s) to fog up.

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How do I stop condensation on windows?

If your windows are constantly fogging up, try turning down your humidifier.  On the other hand, moisture eliminators, such as DampRid, have been known to improve foggy windows. These types of products typically cone in bucket-like containers that can be hung or set on the ground. These types of products can be used in kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and many other rooms.

By utilizing kitchen and bathroom fans, foggy window difficulties can usually be mitigated. Showering and cooking can release extensive amounts of moisture into the air, resulting in clouded and foggy windows. If your home is equipped with ceiling fans, don’t be afraid to put them to use! Weather stripping can also make a huge difference for foggy windows caused by broken window seals. They can be used to make your home more energy efficient by ensuring less of your home’s air escapes through the window area. Because plants can release moisture in the air, they can make windows become foggy and unclear. If this is the case for you, it is recommended that you move your plants away from your home’s windows.

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What is a failed window seal?

Believe it or not, your window unit expands and contracts based on the weather. On hot days when the sun is heating up your window, it causes the entire window unit to expand. As the weather cools down in the evening, your entire window unit will contract. This expansion/contraction puts pressure on your window’s seals, eventually pushing air out through the seals.

Now, repeat this action on a daily basis, and over the course of time, the stress on your window’s seals causes more air to get in, and along with the air comes moisture – which results in the foggy appearance. When a window seal cracks, becomes damaged, or simply wears out, it will not properly seal the inside of your home from outdoor elements. 

What does it mean when you have condensation inside your windows? 

Interior condensation occurs when there is excessive moisture in the house. 

Can insulated windows be resealed? 

In most cases, insulated windows are able to be resealed. Pinpointing an exact match for the damaged window seal typically a challenge, however.

Can you fix a broken seal on a window?

In most cases, broken window seals are not serious and pressing issues. Window seals are essential when it comes to optimizing your home’s energy efficiency, as they hold in your home’s desired air temperature, whether that be hot or cold. Contrary to popular belief, broken window seals do not jeopardize the appearance and function of the window aside from moderate and occasional condensation. 

Can insulated windows be resealed? 

Insulated windows can be resealed in most cases. Typically, after finding the damaged window seal, the toughest task is finding an exact match for the old one. Glass Solutions is well-versed in window seal repair and foggy window repair and would love to help in any way possible. 

What is the life expectancy of a window? 

Life expectancy of a window depends on what kind it is. For example, insulated, double pane windows have a life expectancy of 10-20 years, whereas fiberglass or aluminum windows have a life expectancy of 25-35 years on average. 

How much does it cost to replace windows? 

Raleigh Foggy Window Repair Company It is impossible to estimate the cost to replace a window without having a solid understanding of the size of the window, the type of window, and the age of the window. Single-hung and double-hung windows are generally least expensive while sliding windows have been known to cost 2-3 times more. 

Which windows are best? 

There are several types of windows that outstanding choices. It is recommended that you do the appropriate research to develop a solid understanding of your needs as opposed to letting a professional make all of the decisions for you. Along with picking your window type, it is also imperative for you to decide which window frame material you feel would be the best fit. 

How do you clean a foggy window? 

If you feel as though your windows are foggy because they need to be cleaned, try using oven cleaner that has LYE in it. After letting the product sit for a minute or two, wipe it off. If necessary, apply another coat of the product.  If your window is not coming clean after extensive effort, contact your Raleigh residential glass replacement professionals to learn how we can be of help to you. 

Why it Pays to Get Your Foggy Windows Repaired

raleigh foggy window repair company If your windows are fogging up, it can indicate that your home is losing valuable energy through windows that aren’t properly sealed. While you can try to repair the seal(s) in your window(s) yourself, it pays to have a professional do it.


We have the tools, experience, and expertise to repair foggy windows in homes throughout the Raleigh area. After all, who wants to lose valuable air conditioning during the hot summer months or lose valuable heat during the winter? 

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Left alone, foggy windows can be annoying, but most importantly – foggy windows in your home indicate that the seals in your windows have failed. As the situation continues to deteriorate, you’ll likely notice your windows fogging up more frequently and/or for longer periods of time. Eventually, if you do nothing, your windows will have to be completely replaced in order to maintain energy efficiency.


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