Custom Glass Showers in Raleigh, NC

Glass Shower Doors Raleigh Glass Solutions specializes in custom glass showers for residents in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. Our glass specialists will help you create the perfect, glass shower for your home.

Select the hardware you want, and pair it with any of the following, different glass shower enclosure styles:

  • Frameless glass shower enclosures
  • Semi-frameless glass shower enclosures
  • Fully framed glass shower enclosures

Upgrade your bathroom with a custom glass shower!

Add a sense of style, flair, and elegance to your bathroom with a glass shower! Customers trust us as a leader for custom glass showers in the Raleigh, NC area.

All of our glass showers, doors, enclosures, and hardware are fully customizable and made to order. No matter what your style preference, bathroom size, or budget – our team works with you to create a unique, one-of-a-kind glass shower that adds a sense of luxury to your home.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home; just ask any real estate broker. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or enjoy your home, upgrading your shower can make a HUGE difference. Give your bathroom the facelift it deserves, and increase the resale value of your home at the same time with a custom glass shower.

Some of our custom glass shower options include:

  • Glass shower enclosures
  • Frameless custom shower enclosures
  • Framed shower doors
  • Glass shower replacement
  • And more!

Why should you choose a custom glass shower?

Nothing says ‘luxury’ like a glass shower. Glass showers can complement a bathroom, giving it the upgrade you deserve. After all, think about how much time we spend in our bathrooms – brushing teeth, showering, bathing, putting on makeup, getting dressed, etc.

Bathrooms offer some of the biggest returns on investment in a home. According to a 2012 article, published by U.S. News & World Report, investing in a bathroom remodel yields 62% return, on average. Why not start with a shower upgrade?

Shower curtains need maintenances to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Additionally, shower liners and curtains can rip, tear or be improperly placed during or after use – allowing for water to drip onto the floor.

Some shower curtain materials may also be harmful to the environment and can cause respiratory problems for those who are sensitive to chemicals.

As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, your bathroom can and should look fantastic. Check out some of the benefits:

Benefits of Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

  • Visually Appealing – Glass showers are visually stunning, and they tend to go with any decor. Choose from frameless glass shower doors to different hardware finishes.
  • Smart Investment – Glass showers need very little maintenance or repair.
  • Easy to Clean – Because the glass is designed to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew, meaning that you don’t have to worry cleanup.

Glass Solutions, LLC is your trusted source for custom glass showers in Raleigh, NC! Contact us today at (919) 772-1007 for a quote.